JK Kleutgens



J.K. Kleutgens Performing with Human Base OC 5 and OC 4
"I am only human born to play the base!" J.K.
"After checking out Namm in 2007 Human Base was the one I came back to!" J.K.

JK Kleutgens and Human Base Instruments

J.K.: Bass player for over 25 years calls Los Angeles his Home.
After studying at the world famous BIT in 1987 with Teachers Gary Wills, Alexis Sklarevski, Jeff Berlin, Steve Bailey a.m.m. he began his professional Career.

J.K. recorded and released his first Solo album the critically highly acclaimed "J.K. Special". Opening Song Crossfire made it in the European Top10 Jazz charts.

In 1994 J.K. returned to Los Angeles to make it his permanent home.
Since then he has been teaching at BIT and has just been voted "Instructor of the Year" for the second year in a row!

He also has recorded, performed live and toured with the following musicians:
Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Tavaglione, Gary Novak, Randy Brecker, Toots Thielemans, Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson , Airto Moreira, Carl Verheyen, Mitch Forman , Brandon Fields, Tal Bergman, Mark Schulman, Lenny Castro, Teri Lynn Carrington, Otmaro Ruiz, Dirk K , Dan Sistos, Alan Pasqua, Gary Meek, Dan Gilbert, Scott Kinsey, Don Randi, Joel Taylor, Joe Heredia, Joe Labarbera, Mike Shapiro, Russ Miller, Charlie Bisharat, Ron Powell, Bernie Dresel, Will Kennedy, Tom Brechtlein, Marco Minneman, Ron Bruner Jr., Kai Eckhardt, Alex Machacek, Antti Kotikoski, Richard Hallebeek, Hans Zermuehlen, Jean-Marc Belkadi, Kai Eckhardt, Janek Gwizdala, Thom Rotella, Pat Kelly, Sandro Albert, Matt Rohde, Andy Suzuki, Roger Burn, Nancy Sinatra, a.o.

Some of the most noted projects are:
"Cave Men" a band project by J.K. and guitarist Antti Kotikoski, Steve Tavaglione and Vinnie Colaiuta.
"Dirk K, J.K. and Peter Erskine Trio"
"das ueberschall" with Dirk K, Dan Sistos on guitars and Marco Minnemann on drums,
"Bass Bash" an event put together by J.K. so far including: Kai Eckhardt, Andre Manga and Janek Gwizdala.
"Fusion Folk" a band project put together by J.K. and drummer Mark Schulman.
"Extreme Euro" a band project of J.K., Antti Kotikoski, Alex Machacek and Marco Minnemann.
"J.K. Special Band" following J.K.'s first Solo album

J.K. is currently working on his 2nd Solo album using his OC 5 and OC 4!!
Cave Men is working on Cave Men 2,
J.K. is also working ona play along book to be released by MI Press/ Hal Lennard.

-"JK, a bassist I find a real thrill to hear groove, is superb on every cut." EER Music
-"slide bass grooves..impeccable!" Abstrak Logix
-"electric instrumental fusion the way it supposed to be played by top notch,
dare I say the best in the world. " Audiophile Imports
-"WOW: amazing record! BRAVO. Gee whiz! You got a winner with this album.."
Peter Erskine about Cave Men.
-"J.K. Kleutgens' bass is incredible..Daring and deserving." Music Connection Magazine
-"The bass is really cool ............you are playing you're a** off!" Gary Novak
-"J.K. you are so awesome..I am scared!!" Mark Schulman (Cher, Billie Idol, Pink)
-"JK Kleutgens is the ensembles bassist, and shows that he is an impressive force on the low end, and readily hashes out some dazzling dexterity during his solo spots" Prognosis Magazine
-"J.K. Kleutgens, gifted with a nice agressive technique..." IO pages
-" A sterling example of top flight Musicianship" Music Conneciton Mag.
-"...wonderful synergistic music... virtuosic performance..." L.A. Jazz Szene
-"Groove-oriented fusion that blends craft with style" Music Conneciton Mag.


jk@j2krecords.com check out youtube!