Peter Jack

Peter Jack

"A music journalist once wrote: "Peter Jack 'sings' his bass". I would rather say: "my bass can sing". Obviously the sound has a lot to do with the fingers and dexterity of the player, but the instrument itself plays a major part in turning a nice musical moment into a really magical one. When I get a call from a producer who wants "my sound", then 80% of the time it's the sound of my 5-string Jonas fretless he's got in mind. My bass and I have been singing together now for over 14 years, and in that time I haven't come across anything comparable."

Peter Jack about Human Base Instruments

Peter Jack,

Born in 1959. Resident in Berlin, Germany.

Piano lessons from age 9, changing to guitar at 12.

1977-80 guitar teacher at a private music school - main emphasis song-accompaniment, finger-picking/ragtime solo guitar.

After the obligatory school bands came the first solo concerts as a singer-songwriter.

Move to Berlin in 1981. Along with at least 200 other singer-songwriters worked the Berlin folk scene in clubs like GO IN, FOLKPUB, STEVECLUB and BANANA. In 1982 prize-winner at the New Talent Festival of the German Record Academy (with Ian Melrose as additional guitarist).
Joined Ian Melrose's folk formation TWILIGHT as bass player (prize-winner HÖRFEST Hamburg 1984; 1st prize in folk group competition at the Edinburgh Folk festival 1985 and record deal with Scottish label LISMOR)

1984 - 1987 studied pop and contemporary music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg.

1989 - 1999 bass player and songwriter in the "chamber-pop" band BE MINE OR RUN. Countless concerts in Germany and Europe, TV- and radio appearances, 5 CDs (German Critics Prize for "Beautiful People" 1997).

1989 - 1996 bass player with Celtic formation "NORLAND WIND" (including Thomas Loefke, Kerstin Blodig, Noel & Pádraig Duggan of CLANNAD). CD "Norland Wind" on Celtic Heartbeat/Universal (1994).

1997 founded Hippie-Yippie-Folk Band ALMOST HEAVEN. Here as guitarist and vocalist.
Over the years bass player (speciality: fretless in acoustic formations) in many further projects and record productions. Theatre-, blues, jazz, folk, rock/pop and world music.
Currently bass player in the Indian/Irish crossover band "Midnight-Court Extended", guitarist with "Indijana and the Jones" (hillbilly-pop), in duo "Almost Sober" with Gina Faber and solo as singer-songwriter.