Christoph Herder

Christoph Herder

"I was first introduced to Human Base by my teacher Ralf Cetto.
When I started studying music, I decided to play a decent instrument:
A Human Base Base-X 5-string, the one I'm still using today!
It is not only it's sound and playability that inspires me very much, this base guitar is so convincing that like myself my music teachers at university started playing Human Base Instruments."

Christoph Herder about Human Base Instruments

Christoph Herder was born 1973 in Mainz/Germany. After strolling around with different kinds of styles and instruments he laid his hands on his first electric bass at the age of fifteen.

He took lessons with Ralf Cetto two years afterwards, and soon he realized, that THE BASS was to be an important constant in his life.

Consequently he attended classes held by Dave King, Patrick Scales and Thomas Stabenow at "Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Heidelberg/Mannheim" from 1995 on. He graduated in "Jazz/Popularmusik" - with the focus on electric base - in 2000 (diploma degree).

Building upon his first study he also took classes about arrangement and composition with Jürgen Friedrich in Mannheim, beginning in 1998. And he graduated in "Jazz/Popularmusik"
- arrangement/composition being the focus this time - in 2000 (diploma degree) as well.

During study he went to a lot of workshops, too, some of them starring John Abercrombie, Richie Beirach, Matthew Garrison, Lincoln Goines, Wolfgang Haffner, Scott Henderson, Dave Liebman, Dave King, Portiño, Ack von Rooyen, Maria Schneider and Gary Willis.

The musicians he played ­ and still plays - with are Christoph Auperle, Marcus Becker, Florian Beckmann, Alan Blairman, José Cortijo, Norbert Emminger, Elmar Federkeil, Hinrich Franck, Andreas Gillmann, Selda Kaya, Bertil Mark, Adrian Mears, Alberto Menendez, Kai Picker, Omar Placencia, Thorsten Praest, Alex Sanguinetti, Christof Sänger, Stefan Scheuss, Martin Schmidt, Jürgen Seefelder, Thomas Siffling, Peter Thoms, Komi Mizraim Togbonou, Reiner Witzel, Moritz Zielke, Simon Zimbardo, Stefan Zimmermann and others.

He did a lot of live concerts and tours in Germany and throughout Europe, for instance as bassplayer of the M.A.R.S. Musik Allstar Band (FOUR-Music), supporting Nena with "kydMOSES" touring all of Germany, playing at Circus Sarrasani and doing five seasons at Varieté Palast Speyer.

He did play several jazzfestivals (e.g. Leverkusener Jazztage, Jazz Rally Düsseldorf, Mannheimer Jazztage, Hessen Jazz - Idstein) and can be heard on several CD-productions.

Christoph Herder is living in Cologne now since 2001. He is a wanted bassplayer both for live- and studio-work, and he is a wanted instrumental teacher, too.
As a composer he is making soundtracks for film (doing production of that as well), compositions on demand and projects of his own.

Christoph Herder uses:
Base-X 5-string,
Base-X 5-string fretless,
Base-X 6-string