Michael Harmssen

"upon recalling that Siggi chose Leonardo's <Vitruvian Man> to be part of his logo...well, others have done so before yet...

i.e. I'm very much in favour of the idea that next time on an unmanned flight into indefinite space one of Siggi's bass instruments will be shipped along in search of existing alternative forms of truly intelligent life out there, and if only to give evidence of a real specimen of human intelligence which Siggi's instruments are, anyway – as a beautiful piece of evidence that one single man walking the face of the earth is in fact capable of producing a musical instrument deserving the term by cleverly joining together different materials the planet <EARTH> only so easily provides.."

Michael Harmssen, May 2010 about Human Base Instruments

from early on I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise than become a musician; music conditioning had started even before I was born; fast forward starting with the adored BEATLES from 1963 on to the church chorus from '66 – one of the Bach cantatas sunday mornings, followed by Humble Pie's 'Natural Born Boogie' only a good hour later, playing bass guitar with my mates...when Chick Corea came up with 'Light As a Feather' (Flora Purim und Airto), and McLaughlin's 'Inner Mounting Flame' revolved endlessly on the turntable, the input grade and intensity got so high, there wasn't any holding back; a few years later: Weather Report's 'Black Market' and Metheny's 'Bright Size Life', Jaco taking the international bandstand (right after Paul Jackson, Stanley Clarke and Alphonso Johnson), destiny took its toll and I would start for good to learn my instrument properly and with some significant stubbornness , 'Bird' for breakfast. That has persisted through today with composing professionally tackled by the end of the eighties. At the turn to the new millenium, a longer break, and now, a brandnew project again initiated with considerable apetite...'
one slogan among many more: give youth a chance (or rather a second one after the first), but please take care when choosing your livelihood
Michael Harmssen, May 2010

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Konzerte, Tourneen und/oder Produktionen mit (Auswahl)
  Tom Jones, Robert Palmer, Billy Cobham, Wladislaw Sendecki, Alphonse Mouzon, Bobby Malach, Jasper van't Hof, Tony Lakatos, Peter O'Mara, Wolfgang Haffner, Ralf Hübner, Albert Mangelsdorff, Christof Lauer, Heinz Sauer, Leni Stern, John Schröder, Wilson De Oliveira, Peter Weihe, Carsten Bohn

ab 1977:
Internationaler 1. Preis Nachwuchswettbewerb Popfestival Bilzen/Belgien
        mit <TRAIN>
Europa-Tour mit Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie,
versch. Projekte u.a. in den Farian-Studios,
Trio mit Peter O'Mara und Ralf Hübner
Kompositionsunterricht bei Cord Meijering,
Frankfurt City Blues Band, 
Bassist und musical director Tigerpalast Ffm,
Preis Kompositionswettbewerb Bayer
RTL-Nachtshow mit T. Koschwitz
Sax-Bass-Duo mit Heinz Sauer