Thomas Fichter

Thomas Fichter

"I own my Human Base 6-String Bass since more than ten years. Since then the initial admiration has turned into an ongoing appreciation for this instrument. I belive that my eye for a good instrument has become sharper with time. Today, I perceive these basses even more as masterpieces than ten years ago."

Thomas Fichter about Human Base Instruments

Thomas Fichter is a classically trained double bass player. He plays electric bass since the age of twelve.

Fichter has been working with Peter Erskine and John Scofield (on Mark-Anthony Turnage's "Blood on the Floor"),as well as with Fred Frith ("Traffic Continues") and Frank Zappa ("Yellow Shark"). He performed worldwide more than fifty times in Heiner Goebbel's "Black on White" with Ensemble Modern.

Since 2001 he has been invited to be Executive Director of musikFabrik (, the renowned contemporary music group based in Cologne.