Torsten Delvos

Torsten Delvos

"My first bass from Human Base was a fivestring Max and I bought it in 1994.

In the studio or on the stage the soundcheck for the bass is always very short because of the brilliant sound of these basses and you can rely on Max and Jonas every day.
Everything fits exactly at Human Base: the advice, the service, the instruments, the trust and the human being who is standing behind all this - Siggi Jäger !!!
Thanks and good luck further on"

Torsten Delvos über Human Base Instruments

- musical studies for three years at the municipal school of music in Mönchengladbach with   Theo Hermsen
- studies of the electric bass and popular music at the BSM (Bass School Munich) in Cologne   with Claus Fischer and Christoph Stowasser
- private studies with Stefan Rademacher, Paulo Cardoso and Wayne Darling
- participation in several workshops and seminars (Jazz & Rock-Seminar in Remscheid and   others)
- further more: practise, practise, practise

- bassist of different bands and artists (Just is, Via Via, Mr. President, Harlequin, Gangway,   Chris Andrews, winner of the second prize with The Groove News at " Jugend Jazzt" in   Dortmund and many more)
- several studioproductions and co-operation with dorato-music
- participation in the World Scholarship Tour of the Berklee College of Music
- foundation and management of the Private Academy of Music in Nettetal
- co-operation with Human Base near Frankfurt
- instructor for electric bass and bandcoaching at Pro-MC in Kevelaer
- bassist of different workshops
- bassist of the quartet Cardinal Points (own compositions and jazz)