Gernot Kögel

"Siggi Jaeger's Instruments completely satisfies my ideals of sound. Their responsiveness is sensitive, with a balanced sound in all positions while adapting smoothly and full of character to different styles of music.  The sound engineers I work with appreciate these qualities and characteristics as much as I do.
I'm very grateful that my friend and colleague Christoph Herder introduced me to these great Instruments.
With Siggi Jaeger I feel in very good hands - on a professional as well as on a personal HUMAN base(is)."

Gernot Kögel about Human Base Instruments

Gernot Koegel was born in 1973 in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  During his youth, he took lessons at the local music store, studying with private teachers in many instruments including flute, drums, cello, jazz vocals, jazz piano and guitar, before choosing the bass as his main instrument. 
During these lessons, he continuously made new experiences working with different ensembles like choirs, orchestras, bands, and drama groups etc.

In 1995 he went on to study Jazz & Pop music with an emphasis on electric bass at the University for Music and Performing Arts Mannheim / Heidelberg.  During his time at the university  he had lessons and workshops with Dave King, Patrick Scales, Thomas Stabenow, Matt Garrisson, and Julio Barbosa.

He is currently performing with many different bands and projects both nationally and internationally (Sweden, Norway, England, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Armenia, and Azerbaijan).  He is also an experienced recording artist and can be heard on many different recordings.  In addition, he produces and composes music for film and advertisement, cooperating with different studios such as 5A Studios in London.  His experience as an arranger and producer is extensive, with projects ranging from play along lesson books for beginners to music for cartoon films.

He has fifteen years experience as a private teacher, clinician and band leader, and is currently teaching at Music School Lampertheim.

Artists include:
Ro Gebhard, Pierre-Alain Goualch, Jean-Marc Robbin, Ramon Stagnaro, Gustavo Casenave, Take Toryma, Rob Blumenthal, Derek James, Burdette Becks, Dariush , Moein, Omid, Kamran & Hooman, Oliver Strauch, Erny Hames, Lui Ludwig, Roland Höppner, Frank Spaniol, Jochen Krämer, Jean-Yves Jung, Annette von Eichel, Nicole Jo, Hans Limburg, Daniel Schild, Dania König, Andrea Reichhart, Jutta Brandl, Alain Blairman, David Haynes, Ireen Sheer, Helena Paul, Nicole Metzger, Varietépalast Speyer, Zirkus Sarrasani , SR1, SWR, Radio Regenbogen, ...

Performances in festivals and musicals:
Jazzfestival Idstein, Festival Nantes ( rendezvous de l´erdre-Nantes) ,
Vilshofen - Jazz an der Donau, Worms – Jazz & Joy, Leverkusener Jazztage, St.Wendel,
Jazz Open Stuttgart, Luxemburg, Arnstadt, Aalen ...
Janis Joplin Show, Musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Show,
Der Man von La Mancha, etc.)
Clingenburg Festspiele, Ettlinger Festspiele, Theater Heidelberg, ...

CD Releases.:

  • Gernot Ziegler - Mobile Home (2010 Foxtones)
  • Ro Gebhardt - "European Jam" (2009 Jazzsick records)
  • Peter Schnur Trio - "From Seconds to Hours"  (2009 Castle Road Records )
  • Carmen Selzer - "Let him into my heart" (2007 nytingale records )
  • Fridge People - "Roadmovie" (2006 Rodenstein)
  • tête-a`-tête - "BeziehungsWaisen" (2004 HOFA )
  • WOAK - "Faith-Love-Hope" (2004 Banana Pirate Records)
  • Ro Gebhardt - "On my Mind" (2003 JAZZ´n`ARTS)
  • Aces of Base (Elkmusic 2003)
  • ooyaah - (2003 NGP-records)
  • Ithikon Akmeotaton  (2002)
  • Christiane+Hauke Hartmann& Just Gospel -"The reason we sing" (2003)
  • Fridge People - "Smiling in the dark" (2000 edition musikat)
  • Qehaja -"Kaleidoskop" (2000)
  • Bernd Dahlmanns Group -"In Step" (1998 PAAL records)
  • Ensemble Brazil (1998)
  • Art Attack - "picturelistening" (1997)
  • Carpet Crawl - „Shut up I love her“ (1993)
  • ...



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