Katharina Gross

'a warmly singing sound in trebles, full transparency in lows,
a straight sustain with healthy punch. no smearing mids.
a handily and beautifuly shaped body, in blue colour!
an instrument with individual character. what else to ask for?'

Katharina Gross

about Human Base Instruments

Katharina Gross (*1982 in Freiburg, southern Germany) graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim

with Electric Bass and Doublebass where she studied at Dave King and Thomas Stabenow.

Furthermore she was part of the 29th Oficina de Musica Curitiba/Brazil Doublebass-Class with

Jeff Bradetich and toured Libanon and Syria with the 'Orient meets Occident' Project of the Festival Junger Künstler Bayreuth.

Based in Mannheim, Katharina is mainly booked live and studio in the fields of worldmusic, independent pop/rockmusic

as well as in theatre and ballet-music. She toured Japan 2008 with Nativa Brasileira and Germany

2012 with Ellen Klinghammer and Paddy Kelly (from the Kelly Family) on his 'Agape Tour'.


for further info go to: www.kggroup.de