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HUMAN BASE electric basses

are meticulously handcrafted instruments manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Players can choose from a wide range of features and options to completely customized their instrument.

HUMAN BASE INSTRUMENTS Jonas Jonas Jonas Max Jbx The Base BaseX ClassX ClassX Daily Base Daily Base

Daily Base
" is certainly no exaggeration if one considers this masterful sound marvel as
one of the finest basses in the world." (Dirk Groll - Gitarre&Bass 08/2007)

The Base
The Base features a special neck-through design with your choice of maple or ebony fretboard,
a swamp-ash body and figured maple or bubinga top.

The unique deep pocket "Bolt-on" neck joint gives the BaseX a focused voice with balanced
sustain and lively tone.

Jonas and Max
These neck-through basses feature a Canadian Birdseye Maple neck, ebony fretboard and a hand-selected
figured wood top. The special neck through construction produces a premium tone and long sustain.

The curved body shape provides a comfortable, ergonomic fit.
The ClassX has a punchy, yet well-balanced voice with long, strong sustain.

A solid workhorse with a bolt-on neck, a MM style pickup and HUMAN BASE active 2-band electronics.

The JbX incorporates the proven deep pocket bolt-on neck (similar to the BaseX)
with a pair of jazz bass pickups and Human Base designed active 3-band electronics.


All HUMAN BASE models are available as 4, 5 or 6-string, fretted or fretless.

Woods are carefully and deliberately selected, masterfully constructed then combined with
premium electronics and hardware for a well-balanced instrument with optimal playability and
the unmistakeable HUMAN BASE sound and feel.

Over the last decade Siggi Jaeger`s HUMAN BASE instruments have become famous for their
solid craftsmanship, sophisticated construction techniques and for using the highest quality materials available.

"Among bass connoisseurs, Siggi Jaeger is recognized as a prominent maple specialist
and above all, his fretless instruments are considered to be among the best in the business."
(Gitarre&Bass 12/2001)